What is the Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund?

The Barry Keene Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund (UST Cleanup Fund) Act of 1989 was created by the California Legislature to provide a means for petroleum UST owners and operators to meet Federal and State requirements and pay for the cleanup of contaminated soil and groundwater when a leak is discovered. The maximum coverage available from the Fund is $1.5 million per occurrence.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible to file a claim with the Fund, the claimant must be a current or past owner or operator of the UST from which an unauthorized release of petroleum has occurred, and be required to undertake corrective actions directed by the regulatory agency. Other eligibility conditions include compliance with applicable state UST permitting requirements, payment of UST storage fees, compliance with regulatory agency cleanup orders, and compliance with the federal financial responsibility requirement. In addition to petroleum USTs, owners of certain small home heating oil tanks that have had an unauthorized release of petroleum are eligible.


FREY has helped hundreds of our clients apply for the UST Cleanup Fund and successfully completed the investigation and cleanup of their properties. FREY will interface with the UST Cleanup Fund on your behalf and will ensure that investigations and cleanup directives move forward while maintaining UST Cleanup Fund funding for the work. FREY has extensive experience in working with UST Cleanup Fund staff and has assisted our clients reimbursement for current and past environmental expenses, including previously denied costs.A unique service that FREY offers is that we can defer payment for our services until the UST Fund has issued payment to you. With exception to the UST Cleanup Fund’s one time deductible, this results in no out of pocket expense to you and ensures that the investigation or remediation phase(s) of the fuel release case continues to move forward.