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We’re adding this one to our list of the many ways New York City is trying to kill us.

A massive drill nearly tore through a packed F train on Thursday afternoon in what one Metropolitan Transportation Authority supervisor is calling “a near miss.”

“Oh my God! If it had hit the train, you could forget about it! Of course we are concerned,” the supervisor said.

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Photos show how close construction drill bit was to cutting into top of occupied #F train
— John Lauinger (@jmlauinger) October 30, 2014

“Somebody made a mistake; maybe a surveyor or a field engineer,” one MTA source told the New York Post. “They drilled into the street, but didn’t realize they were right over the F train tunnel. They weren’t supposed to be in that spot.”

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New Office in San Diego, California

FREY Environmental, Inc., is excited to announce that we have opened a new satellite office in San Diego, California! Our new branch office is centrally located at 2227 Dale Street in the heart of San Diego, less than 30 minutes from the majority of properties located within San Diego County. The San Diego branch office has been opened to facilitate our efforts to continue to provide our outstanding environmental services to customers within the San Diego area. The central location of our San Diego branch office office will allow FREY Environmental, Inc. to provide more efficient and cost-effective services within San Diego County by diminishing commute time for field personnel and reducing our response time to our current and potential clients in the San Diego area, as well as increasing productivity, availability, client relations, and overall satisfaction.

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SB 445 Signed by Jerry Brown – UST Cleanup Fund Extended untill 2026

Proponents of clean drinking water can applaud the Governor Jerry Brown as he signed into legislation an extension of the Barry Keene Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund. The Fund is paid into per gallon of gasoline or diesel purchased in California. The goal of the Fund is to clean up previous released petroleum hydrocarbons in soil and groundwater.

A disproportionate percentage of the funds go to small business owners, most of which are in no position to afford the high costs of soil and ground water assessment and remediation.

FREY has worked closely with the UST cleanup fund for our clients to maximize the assistance provided by the State.

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Asbestos Abatement

In September of this year, FREY completed an asbestos survey and oversight of asbestos abatement at an ongoing development project. Asbestos containing materials were successfully removed from existing retail and commercial buildings before their demolition to prepare the property for Site grading and earthwork for the construction of a new mixed use commercial / multifamily apartment complex in Fullerton, California.

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Case Closures – Unauthorized Underground Storage Tank Release

In September of 2014, FREY successfully obtained case closure on two UST Release cases. Subsurface assessments and remedial actions were completed at each of these cases between 2005 and 2014. Through the remediation efforts of FREY, concentrations of petroleum hydrocarbons were reduced to levels below State of California Low Threat levels and both cases were determined to be of low risk to human health and the environment by their respective local oversight agencies. Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board and Riverside County Department of Environmental Health.

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The California State Senate voted overwhelmingly to pass SB 445, the Underground Storage Tank Legislation

After passing the assembly with an overwhelming and bi-partisan vote margin, the bill moved quickly at the Senate, ultimately receiving 32 yes votes when only 26 were needed. Next stop for SB 445 is Governor Jerry Brown’s Desk.

This is good news for communities burdened by lingering underground storage tank release cases. The State helps communities clean-up unauthorized releases and revitalize properties, in turn revitalizing local communities.

Full text of SB455 available here

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FREY Environmental, Inc. (FREY) has an opening for a part-time engineer at our Newport Beach office. The position includes assisting project managers and staff with assessment, monitoring, and remediation needs for Sites with petroleum hydrocarbon, solvent, and metal soil/groundwater remediation. This work will include but is not limited to preparation of reports and assisting with field work. Staff personnel will at a minimum conduct/perform groundwater monitoring and sampling events, subsurface soil investigations, and PHASE I Site Assessments.

Must speak and write clearly and concisely in the English language and must be able to lift at least 50 lbs.


Please email resumes to

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Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Modeling

FREY can assist clients with Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions modeling for future projects. FREY utilizes California Emissions Estimator Model (CalEEMod) a state wide land use emissions computer model developed by ENVIRON International Corporation, the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) and other air districts for use in California. The CalEEMod software uses the CalEEMod land use emissions inventory model to estimate greenhouse gas and criteria pollutant emissions under particular scenarios involving construction, land area, and other sources. It has been designed specifically for California, and uses California-specific road and construction emissions factors. The model estimates emissions from the property resulting from demolition and construction activities, area source emissions (emissions from the property), and operational (vehicle) emissions (emissions from vehicular traffic). CalEEMod can be used for air quality analyses for California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) documents, National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documents, compliance with local air quality rules and regulations, and early project planning.

CalEEMod calculates the estimated direct and indirect GHG emissions generated during project construction and the estimated yearly direct and indirect GHG emissions generated through Site use. Indirect emissions result from actions at the Site that cause GHG emissions at a source that is owned and controlled by another entity, such as a power plant. The indirect GHG emissions were calculated for electricity use, natural gas use, water use, and solid waste disposal.

When the estimated emissions results reported in screening analysis mode do not meet regulatory thresholds, then the next tier of modeling can be performed utilizing mitigation factors and additional Site data to reduce estimated emissions. The CalEEMod model allows the use of a wide range of emission mitigation measures, from simple input values to detailed Site-specific project data. Detailed project data is typically more complex and requires the collection of additional Site data including: phased-construction use, specific emission source data, construction equipment exhaust data, fugitive dust mitigation, equipment to be used during Site development, traffic study data, temperature data, and other factors.

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Soil Investigation and Vapor Extraction Well Instalaltion

On October 28 and 29, 2013, FREY Environmental, Inc. completed the drilling and sampling of 6 soil borings and the installation of 5 vapor extraction wells at a trucking yard located in San Bernardino. The soil samples were used to further define the vertical and lateral extent of petroleum hydrocarbon impacted soils at the site. The vapor extraction wells will be connected to a thermal/catalytic oxidizer vapor extraction system to remove petroleum hydrocarbon vapors from impacted subsurface soils. Installation and start up of the vapor extraction system is anticipated to commence in late-January / early-February 2014.

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