Soil and Groundwater Remediation

FREY has 25 years experience in designing, installing and operating soil and/or groundwater remediation systems using vapor extraction, high vacuum dual- phase extraction, groundwater pump-and-treat, air sparging, ozone sparging, and bioventing technologies.

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Stormwater Management

FREY has qualified personnel on staff (QSD/QSP Certified) to develop and implement SWPPS for construction or industrial sites as required.

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Methane Assessments / Mitigation

FREY has conducted methane assessment and/or mitigation work throughout Southern California, and is an approved methane assessment and mitigation contractor with the Orange County Fire Authority and other Southern California cities.

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Asbestos-Related Service

In the area of asbestos consulting, our staff members have experience ranging from simple building surveys to large-scale asbestos abatement projects.

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Free Product Recovery and Removal

In cases where free product (also known as light, non-aqueous phase product) is present on the groundwater surface, FREY will immediately implement a free product recovery and removal program.

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Groundwater Monitoring and Sampling

Groundwater monitoring and sampling procedures are performed to establish groundwater flow direction and area of impacted water.

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Subsurface Investigations

Subsurface investigations are used to assess the lateral and vertical extent of impacted soil at your property.

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Phase I Investigations

Environmental Site Assessments for real estate property transfers and regulatory compliance.

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Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Modeling

FREY can assist clients with Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions modeling for future projects.

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Environmental Compliance Management

Oversee removal and disposal of Cal-Haz, or RCRA-Haz impacted concrete slabs, soil, building materials and groundwater.

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About FREY

Since it’s incorporation in 1989, FREY has provided quality professional consulting, engineering and construction services directed towards compliance and mitigation of environmental cases. Call us at (949) 723 1645

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